8 Perfect Yoga Postures for a Glowing Skin

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By Rishikul Yogshala

May 22, 2017

One day, you walk past a mirror and, out of a usual habit pause to look at yourself—see if your make–up is intact, your eyebrows still in shape. Fear strikes you when you notice a couple of fine lines forming on the otherwise quite beautiful surface of the skin. Panic stricken, you iron your face a little with your fingertips. But, the lines remain the same.  You notice the beautiful glow you once used to have is now lost. And, you blame it on the season, even though you internally know that it is not just the season – it is your lifestyle, your habits, and the lost work-life balance. In this moment, you decide to pull up your socks and take charge of your beauty, bring it back to life again.

Some of us may feel a connection with the above situation, while the rest of us could look at it as a warning bell. In today’s scenario, where a person struggles to keep up with the demands of personal and professional life, using a mac blush-on, instead of working towards maintaining the natural beauty of the skin just comes as more feasible option. However, a ‘natural’ beauty and a ‘cakey’ beauty are incomparable. And, you know it too.

Hence, it is not too late. Right time is when we set our mind on doing something about it.

In order to aid you foster natural radiance into your skin and to help you get rid of those fine lines, we advise you to keep 20 minutes aside for yourself and try these yoga asanas for benefit of your skin:

Bhujangasana (or Cobra Pose)


This yoga pose opens up chest muscle and improves oxygen flow to the entire body. It helps in releasing tension from the body, detoxifies it, while aiding in rejuvenating skin cells. This pose simultaneously works on your facial muscles and makes it smoother.

Ustrasana (or Camel Pose)


This yoga asana provides an intense bend to your back which results in opening up of rib cage that improves lung capacity. Your body improves its ability to inhale more oxygen. And, the back bend also facilitates blood flow into the facial muscles and the head. As a result, sensory organs are stimulated in a person’s body which lead to restoration of skin, hair and the whole body.

Matsyasana (or Fish Pose)


This is a perfect yoga posture for toning neck muscles and facial muscles. The excellent neck bend of this yoga asana stretches, smoothens and tones the skin. This pose is also known as a proven remedy used in the treatment of various diseases like thyroid, pineal gland, etc. the root cause of several skin ailments. Matsyasana helps regulate these which results in a healthy, glowing, ailment free skin.

Shishuasana (or Child Pose)


This miraculous yoga posture is known to provide instant relief from severe stress and anxiety – two major enemies of healthy, glowing skin. Along with eliminating physical and mental stress, this pose also improves blood circulation in facial muscles, thereby contributing to a glowing skin.

Trikonasana (or Triangle Pose)


Trikonasana is an excellent yoga asana for promoting blood circulation and also promoting oxygen flow through the entire body – from hands to arms, towards the chest and to the head. It further helps in restoring balance and equilibrium of the whole body, which results in heightened concentration and improved flexibility of the skin.

Vajrasana (or Kneeling Pose)


Poor digestive system often results in a variety of skin ailments like acne, dryness, etc. Hence, it is imperative that a person’s digestive system stays healthy and strong in order to maintain healthy glow of their skin. Vajrasana is an excellent yoga posture for improving digestion and getting rid of harmful toxins.

Dhanurasana (or Bow Pose)


For a super smooth and glowing skin, try the amazing dhanurasana. This yoga position not only regulates oxygen supply to the entire body but also instantly revitalizes skin cells. It is one of the best yoga poses for getting rid of fine lines and harmful radicals from the body.

Halasana (or Plow Pose)

This is an ideal yoga asana for providing instant natural blush and glow to your skin. It instantly improves blood circulation to the core, lungs, face and head.

It is not the age factor that defines the beauty of your skin, your fitness level does. So, practice these yoga asanas everyday to stay fit and, to possess a healthy, radiant and supple skin.

To know about these wonderful asanas in further detail, explore our Yoga Teacher Training In India.

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