How Can a Healthy Body and Mind Attract Positive Relationships?

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By Rishikul Yogshala

September 17, 2019

The answer lies in the question itself! A healthy body and mind attract better and more powerful relationships. Take an example of a person who works out at the gym, or is involved in Sports activities, Zumba, or traditional Yoga, or any physical activity, all of them have one thing in common- the fluttering positivity around them which should not be mistaken for other’s energy when it’s their aura which works like a magnet to fulfilling relationships.

The major transformation begins at home and the execution happens thereafter! So, maintaining a healthy lifestyle which involves some movements, physical exercise, outdoor and indoor activities, engaging body and mind rekindles the new-born self in you. Changing your habits will automatically bring changes in your behavior, your preferences, your choices, and even the people around you. A healthy body refreshes the mind by sending clear signals to the brain through the sensory nerves. It further filters the functioning of the thoughts, your reactions and most importantly your relations with people.

Strangers start becoming friends because a healthy body means more energy, more enthusiasm, an amicable personality overall. If we look at the points then here are some easy steps for you to monitor and transform the bad into good but with a little bit of swag!

Steps to attract positive relationships with a healthy body and mind:

  1. De-clutter and Unwind
    A healthy body and mind requires ‘de-cluttering’ of unwanted thoughts and saying your goodbyes to illnesses and diseases. A clear mindset is a result of a voluntary action towards health consciousness. Maintaining this clarity will help you become more organized in life, you will remove the fog which is hiding your goals, and open the doors of affluent relationships.
    Keep your body and mind healthy with the authentic teachings of Yoga. The asana practice and the deep-breathing exercises like Pranayama helps in emptying the mind and forming a new perspective about the people and the world.
  2. Breaking bonds with the wrongs!
    When you are working hard upon yourself consistently, to make yourself mentally and physically healthy, then universal energy starts responding to your daily patterns and allows you to break through the past tense and brings you into a new space with newer vibrations. You know what they say; ‘your vibe attracts your tribe!’ The quotation stands true to its core.
    For example: If you are a lazy musician who is struggling to make it big in the industry but you are living with strugglers like yourself, then your chances of moving out of that zone and tasting success are minimal. To make it work, one has to focus on his life first, become a little selfish towards their health and maintain that decorum for a while. Moving out of the lives of people who are not contributing to your personal growth can be your wisest decision ever. Actions like this will naturally draw you towards the people who are like food for your soul.
  3. A refreshed mind leads to positive changes
    Alright, let’s take it to a modern-day situation. Imagine there are two types of people; one is posting their negative thoughts, anger, jealousy, and frustration on Instagram while the other person likes to motivate, inspire and make people feel good about themselves. Who will be more attractive to you for a follow? Of course the positive attitude of the second person!
    This is a product of nothing but a healthy mind. These are the people who are aware of the health benefits, and the efforts they need to put in to make a better society indeed. The change starts with the self! Aim towards making a community which encourages all the positive affirmations erupted from a seed called ‘health management’.
  4. What you seek is seeking you ~ Rumi
    A healthy mind is a product of a healthy body where one is directly proportional to the other! A man who pushes himself every day while running an extra mile or while challenging for another push up at the gym builds the mental strength which is firm, intuitive, and extremely powerful.
    Making conscious decisions in your life scientifically influence the relations around you, and you will hypnotize the positive relations into your life without even moving the pendulum. All you have to do is change yourself, eat right, become protective about your health, meditate when you need to, cut down on the bad habits, and everyday work towards molding your mind positively no matter what the situation is.
  5. Law of Attraction
    You attract what you are! Unless you are ready to change yourself, nothing around you can change. Become aware of yourself and be open to the opinions of others. Listen and observe the world to understand it better. You will discover the Law of Attraction quickly when you become spiritually active, by seeing a reflection of you in this world.
    Law of Attraction is an enticing effort to believe strongly in the things you want to manifest, like making space for positive relationships in your life and also transforming the ones which need healing and your love. A healthy body and mind highlight the kindness and vulnerability in you when you start treating people the way you want to be treated.
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