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By Rishikul Yogshala

July 11, 2019

Whether it’s the youth or older generations, the limitations to become a Yoga teacher is null and void because anybody who aspires to enter the yogic world may step in, without any hassles or facing the eligibility criteria. If you are looking for a Yoga Alliance school, then you must know that there are different types of Yoga programs which the centers usually offer, like 200-hour (beginner), 300-hour (intermediate), and 500-hour (advanced).

All of the confusions get simplified when you research and discover about the curriculum and the highlights of the Yoga schools in India or other parts of the world. While people, yogis, or tourists focus on the country, they neglect the most important features which need your full attention. Here are some of the ways which will make it easier for you to choose the best Yoga Alliance School in India.

Steps to Choose the Best Yoga Alliance School in India

  1. Yoga Alliance Certification
    This certification decides whether your learning is accountable for records or not. Yoga Alliance is the key stamp you need for making a professional career in yoga. It also signifies that you are learning from a reliable, and a trusted yoga studio. Whether it’s a private sector or a government sector, this certification will make you eligible to become a global level Yoga Instructor.
    The services, schedule, and vegetarian diet are all part of this program. Although, it is your duty to research well if the studio is living up to the standards.
  2. Ambiance
    A yogi is known from his/her aura, the flowing energy, and a calm atmosphere they create. For that to incur, aspiring yogis make sure they are in a comfortable space, a serene ambiance which can elevate their inner-powers, and inner-wisdom. It could be the sound of the music, or the birds, or the river next to you which adds up to the beauty and make it an ambient spot. You must choose what helps you to become free and connect with the universal or cosmic energy.
    Therefore, selecting a welcoming ambiance which helps you taste peace, and where you can meditate well is perfect for you to start your journey, by being away from the chaos.
  3. Location
    Many travelers/hippies/foreigners who are willing to engage in the mystical properties of Yoga assume that all they have to do is learn the authentic teachings and forms of yoga from anywhere, given that it’s in India. What they overlook is the necessity to further pick a location in India which are ticking all the boxes in their list, or a location which is up to their expectations and demands.
    For example, Rishikesh in India is the Yoga capital, where people from all around the world are digging in their hope to learn something which can completely change or transform their lives. It is one of the best places which is known for its original Vedic teachings of Yoga. Another location which is popular for Ayurveda, Yoga, and makes one feel like a part of dense green forestry nature, is Kerala.
  4. Experienced Teachers
    There is no doubt that a shishya/student has to put in all the hard work which decides where he/she can reach in the future, but according to Hindu mythology- a Guru (teacher) is the medium for the students to reach the state of Nirvana, by showing the destined path and offering a correct guidance.
    A highly experienced teacher can multiply your chances of becoming a pro in the spiritual world of Yoga. As we know, in ancient India, sadhus (sages) practiced yoga first, in order to master the art and science of the adjustment and alignment techniques in Yoga. So, search and take notice of the ex-students to know more about the teacher, as they are the ones who will shape your yogic life.
  5. Curriculum
    Undoubtedly, it is the most highlighted part and probably the first thing you notice about a yoga school. Focus more on the syllabus, how much the school is covering and in what time frame. What all subjects are getting covered? Is Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga included? Other important features which define the purpose of a knowledgeable program is the theoretical teachings of Yoga, Meditation, the indoor and outdoor practices, Shat-Kriyas, the detoxifying diet plan, Yoga anatomy, deep-cleansing with Pranayama activities, and so on.
    Choosing a curriculum which offers more than it promises is what you should go for! Being disciplined is in your hands, and in making you mentally, physically, and spiritually astound is a part of the daily schedule of a Yoga school.

So, pick and compare the Yoga Alliance schools you have shortlisted to check if they fall in your budget, has the curriculum you are looking for, a Yoga Alliance certificate, non-polluted location, an uplifting ambiance, and delivers you the yogi that is hidden within you.

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