How To Find The Best Yoga Teacher Training Program in The World?

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By Rishikul Yogshala

June 22, 2019

Yoga is a practice that has the power to change lives. It can help transform, cure, and motivate the masses. With the tremendous burst of people becoming a certified yoga teacher, it is not a surprise that you might have also thought about it. Doing a yoga teacher training program, even if you are not planning to teach and want to learn more about yogic philosophy, it is one of the best life-transforming things you can do with your life. And even if you are planning on teaching and sharing your knowledge, your practice will take you on a whole different level and will fulfill your desires in a new way. Find a yoga teacher training program where you can also embrace the habits of living the yogic lifestyle, such as living free from the distractions of other substance, discovering a vegetarian diet, and moving away from the social media and all the unnecessary communications with the external world.

If you are confused about which program to go for as they may not only differ in location, duration, and cost but also in their leadership, types of instruction, and curriculum, then look no further because here are some things which you can keep in mind while opting for the best program that suits you and your life. Remember that you are about to make a valuable commitment of energy, money, and time.

Elements of a Perfect Yoga Teacher Training Program

  1. Make sure your Training is Certified by The Yoga Alliance – If you have sincere desires to teach yoga at some point in your life, then you want to ensure that the program you choose is certified by Yogic Alliance otherwise you will not qualify for the insurance if required. Yoga Alliance is an international governing body of yoga, which has its standards set for what a perfect teacher training program must accommodate. Taking yoga training from a non-Yoga Alliance certified is not a mistake, but choosing the right insured program will make your teaching secured.
  2. Go for the Right Instructor – The teacher training program is a life-changing experience and your whole yoga career depends on it. So, before selecting the right program, you must know their teacher. Know their teaching styles, and see if the style resonates with you and also know about their experience, look at how they have been teaching and in which particular are they are good at teaching. All this information is necessary for you to decide whether you want to learn from them or not. Also keep in mind that different locations have different teachers with whole new experience and teaching methodologies, so choose properly, which type of training will suit your needs.
  3. Choose you Location Wisely – If you are planning to choose a destination training, where you can fully devote yourself to the training program as well as learn about the cultures and the people of the place, then there are thousands of retreat-style yoga teacher training program overseas, which are located at exotic locations and are very appealing. There are also programs that have the same curriculum but are closer to your home that you might find little cheaper as there will be no extra expenses like hotels, air tickets, and so on. Yogis mostly prefer destination training to avoid the distractions of the outside world and so that they can fully devote themselves to the practice. So, choosing a perfect destination can be a task because it is important that you go for a perfect location which suits your needs and lifestyle.
  4. Types of programs – Yoga is an ambiguous term covering a diverse collection of ideas and practices. There are many categories of a yoga program, so it is important to choose a style which reflects your needs. If you are a beginner then you should go for the basic programs focusing on Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, which includes all the basic yet important details about yoga. And if you are looking to enhance your yoga practice or want to explore a certain type of a yoga style then make sure to select a training which focuses on that particular style. Also keep the location in mind, because individual training programs have their own kind of yoga style which also relates to their culture.
  5. Be Particular about the Food – Besides exercise, your body also needs nutrition and protein, which can help in maintaining the stability and strength in your body. Every training program has something unique about their food that has the essence of their own spices. So, look for the training which provides good healthy food that suits your taste buds because maintaining a nutritious diet is a key to a healthy lifestyle.
  6. A Good Reputation Matters – Gaining knowledge from a well-reputed training school is as important as other things. To know about the reputation of the school, you must read the reviews of the previous students of that particular training. Know about their experience and how they found the environment and the vibe of the training. There are so many training in different locations, but they are not all the same. Every training program differs from one another in various forms. So, look for a well-respected training course because it will guide you towards a life of fitness, authentic peace, well being, healthy thoughts, nutritious food, and self-healing power, which not only provides yoga holiday elements but also offers a complete package.

Have a life-changing experience by opting for a perfect yoga teacher training program by keeping in mind all the elements which are discussed above.

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