How Yoga Plays a Significant Role in Nurturing Creative Thoughts

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By Rishikul Yogshala

October 30, 2019

Been playing games to know which side of your brain is more dominant than the other? What do you think, are you a creative person or the pattern of your hobbies tell a different story altogether? Let’s find out in this blog, what matters and how you can be creatively active with the help of Yoga!

Creativity is a way of life, it signifies freedom of unwrapping mysteries and expressing with confidence. It is a natural state of living that only expands!

Yoga releases the creative potential in life, and every human is an artist of their own lives, a creator like the lord Shiva itself.

It would come as a surprise to many, but not to all, that Yoga can nurture your thoughts, can reform your way of thinking, and modify your thoughts just the way you want it. Yoga comes as an opportunity for people who seek development in all sects of their lives, whether personal or professional. Yoga is the bed-side journal you need! To break the monotony of your thoughts, the pseudo-perceptions, and the society engraved opinions.

How can Yoga create creative thoughts?

  • The daily Yoga practices that incorporate a disciplined routine to filter your mental, physical and spiritual health can help you in many different ways. Your daily schedule plays a huge role in the fluctuation of your moods, the energy you carry, and the framing of your thoughts. The more you invest in thought, the bigger it grows, so if your thoughts are negative, it’s time to change your lifestyle first.
  • Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Yin Yoga are all other types of yogic practices that promise good physical health. The movements work in both ways, to warm-up your body, and also to cool it down. The procedure of Adjustment and Alignment techniques, the anatomy of Yoga, fixing your posture all contribute in different ways to calm your body and mind.
  • Yoga also helps to control, curb and balance the emotional roller coaster by using the natural energy of the universe and yourself. Having control over yourself by becoming internally conscious is the purpose of every yogi. Choosing the actions you take, and performing the actions you choose is the ultimate goal. This gives more space to the building of creative thoughts, as you get over the feelings of stress, tension, anxiety, and pressure.
  • Meditation sessions or deep-dhyana activities for creating a peaceful environment (both inside and out). The deeper you go into the practice, the more space you open to plant your creativity. Playing the question and solutions game while meditating allows you to peel down the unnecessary layers. This activity opens your blocked channels so that the energy can flow through your body and feed all your chakras, one after the other.
  • Breathe-in and breathe-out! The Pranayama exercises, Anulom Vilom, hold and release, alternate breathing, all add up to the beauty of carving new paths. When you feel each breath, you allow your inner-scout to flourish in the spiritual land. Elevating yourself up to a higher world by enhancing your spirituality means you are also stepping up your level of creativity. The breathing activities refresh the mind, which attracts abundance and a whole new way of living, thinking, and perceiving.
  • Exploring your new-self also generates an electrifying field that dusts off your spine, and removes the chaos that is stored in your clustered mind. Yoga trails out a way to the creative path by boosting up your intuitions and inner-wisdom.
  • Adopt a yogic lifestyle that harnesses your power with the sattvic food, vegetables, fruits, and herbal drinks. This authentic way of living connects you with nature and gives you freedom of thought and expression.
  • Creativity is a result of experiences, self-work and blossoming your imagination. Make yoga your ‘wheel of innovation’. Learn to know more about yourself every day as the growth is persistent, not limited.
  • Heal thyself in the world of Yoga and then place your bets to print your new-born thoughts. Implement them in your daily lives for greater benefits.

There are endless ways how Yoga can nurture your mind, body, and soul. The only way to find out is to practice it regularly!

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