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The Spiritual Power Of Chanting Gayatri Mantra (गायत्री मंत्र)

By Rishikul Yogshala

August 10, 2019

Implement the rewarded wisdom into your lives to experience how the source-of-energy or a ‘guru’ can do wonders for you. It’s not a fluke faith that we are writing about, it’s exactly what you need when you are dropped out of the circle of life. Do you ever feel stuck in situations and wonder why is it happening to you, with you? Our gurus claim that it might be a result of your blocked Chakras, or simply a way of life. Either change your perspectives towards people, things, and situations with the help of Meditation and Yoga or simplify your life by letting your Guru do the work.

What is a Guru capable of? Well, all your thoughts, your desires, your wishes are put forward in front of God or a higher power by the supreme reach of thy gurus. You may not have reached the higher state yet, or probably lack the heavy load of experience which our Gurus don’t. The higher self of the Guru channelizes your energy to the ultimate power itself. The flow of positive energy clarifies the mind, body, and soul by making it pure under the filtration of our esteemed Gurus. Feel it to believe it!

Tips from the Gurus of Rishikul Yogshala:

  • “Allow me to deliver what you have to send to the other side of the world”, says Swami Atmananda. “The world is full of night owls, you become a morning bird instead, because why not fly openly like a bird than to sit around like a spectator who fantasizes about flying”. He also goes on saying, that life is lived fully when you can connect with the universe, and let yourself become the medium who can reflect the suppressed thoughts of the people, and guide them towards the light.

Swami Atmananda is a Meditation and spiritual guide who has dedicated his life to teaching what he excels at – Yoga!

  • Gangesha Chaitanya believes that Yoga Philosophy inherits the purpose of humanity. Quality of a great Yoga Guru depends on the transparent faith and love the disciples put in during the dhyana sessions. He also said that “Only if you are one with the God, you can introduce other elevating energies to the forgiving lord”. Our Yoga guru promises that the spiritual vibration of an established master secretly works on other aspiring yogis or spiritualists if they are meditating with each other, either by being physically present or mentally aligned.

Our teacher Gangesha Chaitanya is Spiritual Guru who specializes in the art of Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, and an E-RYT.

  • The vision of our Yoga Guru is more focused upon the idea of uplifting oneself from the nuances of world affairs. “Become aware, observe, and let go”, Yoga teaches you to breathe and accept the world from your own eyes, and not from the eyes of the others. If you see the beauty, you are the beauty! Yoga forms an invisible community which is working on behalf of the God/supreme power himself, to create a more peaceful and loving society. He shares that the concept of Guru is active even today, only because we need Gurus/guides who can take a struggling soul across the river smoothly. Remember that your Intuition is the key to reach God-realization. A guru is the right hand of God, a living nature, and most importantly “a healer” who can transform the lives of the people, says our passionate Yoga guru- Bipin Baloni.

He firmly believes that spirituality cannot be taught, it is simply the skill of knowing oneself. A guru cannot teach you, rather can only become a mirror to your personality and guide how you should be. So, enhance your potential with self-practice, will-power, and devotion.

Bipin Baloni teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga at Rishikul Yogshala along with Hatha and Teaching Methodology in the 200-hour, and 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training.

  • The warm aura of our Meditation guru Deepa Ji is an addictive one, from her welcoming smile to her personalized yogic teachings; she really knows what she is doing! Deepa Ji gave a tip to her students saying, “Learn to love yourself so much that you don’t end up blaming yourself or feeling guilty for the right choices you had to make, move-on and just be kind”. She says that “love is in offering happiness even to the people who hurt you, that is true love”. Meditate to find real joy! Cherish life so much that the small hurdles of life don’t steal of peace of mind. Mantra Chanting, sadhanas, Meditation builds up a protective layer around you which keeps the negative energies far away from your purified self. Inner-happiness is a product of your dedication and sincerity towards the Yogic practice, doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced level yogi. Let a Guru keep you safe in your little bubble of joy!

Deepa Ji is a Yoga Teacher in the field of Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Mantra Chanting, and Laughing Yoga.

Our Gurus have simplified the lives of thousands of people whether they are yogi enthusiasts or not. The more you practice what you preach, the more light you will see at the end of the tunnel. This blog gave you some of the useful spiritual tips from our reputed Yoga Gurus. So, implement what you can to live a fulfilling, and harmonious life with gratitude.

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