Top 10 Excellent Health Benefits of Yoga Asanas

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By Rishikul Yogshala

April 9, 2018

How easy would you find creating a space of just 15 minutes a day for one of the greatest feelings available on the planet earth? Yoga is an ancient science but its mixed bag of benefits work for all, from a perfect beach body-craving dainty models to the core-practicing fitness freaks, and spiritual seekers looking for a meditative experience in the yogic mind-body discipline.

What yoga does differently from other exercise forms and feel-good routines is ‘put spirit over matter’. Whether you actually make a target weight loss or flex perfectly like a human spaghetti, you are guaranteed to wake up from the mat feeling high-spirited and positive. On your part, you only have to be dedicated and nothing else. As the great master Sri Pattabhi Jois so aptly puts it—“do your practice and all is coming”.

Top 10 Excellent Health Benefits of Yoga Asanas

Here are some such excellent benefits of yoga poses to come of doing your asanas right—

Strong Muscles Like the He-Man

There sure are other heroes more illustrious than He-Man in the superhero universe, but none so visibly strong muscled. While there is nothing coincidental about yoga and this particular fictitious character, you should be taking to the core-top yoga numbers look and feel solid in the muscles. Well-liked poses like the Phalakasana (Plank Pose) can be counted upon for fortifying your abs, shoulder, arms, and legs all at once. Also, do the different shades of the Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana) to stretch and make your lower abs and legs fit.

Always Feeling Fit as a Fiddle

Yoga gives you an alternative for the flurrying and sweaty hours on the treadmill and the awkwardness of anything machine bound. Yoga lets you be yourself, take your own pace, and move through the stages of an advanced workout all in your peaceful time. There are no vital aspects of the gym missing in the routine—cardio, strength training, and stretch warm-ups, also, a supple smooth quality of flexibility!

Cutting Back Weight

Yoga fires up the metabolic system enabling healthy calorie burning through all phases of the day. Also, the hormones receive a boost, which also plays a part in your weight scenario. There is also something extremely orienting about yoga, towards wholesome habits like mindful eating over binge snacking.

Surviving an Exhausting Day Like a Boss

Just try doing a pose easy but meditative like The Tree, between hectic hours of work. See how thoughts come at a point and anxiety takes a back step. Also, breathe in to fill your heart with positive energy and oxygen. Experience the exhaustion residing.

Top 10 Excellent Health Benefits of Yoga Asanas

To Be Smarter than Fight-or-Flight

Stress and burgeoning anxiety- this is a demon we all have to fight for some periods of our lives. There are ways to manage and keep stress under the bay, but the ‘fight and flight’ can be quite devastating. You either become too defensive and exhaust all your energy in battling an anxiety growing inside you, or you flee the scene, throwing all opportunities away.

The meditative aspect of yoga teaches one to be calm inside and not be bothered even in the face of tremendous pressure.

Breathing Deeper, Purer

Pranayama or the exercise of breath is a vital element in yoga. The routine establishes a habit of taking our breaths deep and strong, at a diaphragmatic level. This works in purifying our inner body as well as in distilling thoughts. You can look forward to health and vigor from more oxygenation and better blood flow.

Secret to Happy-Go-Lucky

One of the greatest benefits of yoga poses practiced every day is the rush of endorphins or ‘happy hormones’. With it, one feels full of positive vibes, good cheer, and the warm feeling of being loved. This happy state is one in which every step you take and every work you do is only motivated by joy and nothing else.

Minding Each Little Thing

This is also when there is utmost clarity in your thought process and every action is analyzed with its cause and effect before being done. You are likely to find fewer gaffes made in your day to day life like buying things on impulse, hogging more food than you know to be good for you, and such.

Top 10 Excellent Health Benefits of Yoga Asanas

Enhanced Focus, Clarity, Quality Production

Naturally, there is going to be clarity in your disposition and there will be productions of qualitative and creative value.

Immune Like a Rock

If you are on your yoga with real dedication, there is no need to worry about the flu season coming on. With your natural immune system like a solid wall around you, you can sail through anything gracefully.

There are a lot more rewards coming your way as a yogi. Just keep practicing and reap them all!

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