Top 5 Health Benefits of Malasana

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By Rishikul Yogshala

October 22, 2018

People in the gyming circles like to believe that “Sticks and stones may break your bones but squats will make you badass!” Squats show good toning results within a very short time of practice. Squats are versatile. Squats can be performed anywhere, with or without any equipment. In the yogasana counterpart of squat workout exercises, we have Malasana.

The name ‘malasana’ translates as ‘garland’, probably because of the semicircular outline the pelvis assumes at the full bent of this posture. The Garland is very basic and it addresses different zones of the body simultaneously. You can expect a good hip opening and increase in mobility at the pelvic joints. The asana is fit for anybody, a beginner or a practitioner looking to push start a session with a goodly warm-up.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Malasana

Benefits of the garland pose:  It especially improves posture in general and relieves tension for those whose daily schedule involves a lot of sedentary desk work. If you feel the Garland could be taken a step further in its intensity, do try its popular modifications. Advanced variations have one with hands rooted to the ground and tightly catching hold of the heels in order to amplify the stretch effect spine-down. Stretch the ankles, put the lower hamstrings in order, groin and back. Give a dose of strength in the quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteal muscles, calf, core, and down back, the Malasana is about all of this and more.

Here are some of the asana benefits to mark:

Stretch of the Groin

A general poor posture, sedentary life, and inactivity can render your deep inner thighs and groin acutely taut. This in turn can affect the mobility of your hips. Pain in the lower back, hips, and knees is a menace and it all kind of begins from the tightening tissues and muscles of the inner thighs and groin.

The Malasana is one of the best hip extension stretches in yoga. The stretch effect in this posture pulls at the hip flexors, upper thighs, and the deep groin together. Also, the posture gives your buttocks a good deal of activation. Besides feeling all stretched out and fit, this exercise can also prep you in the prenatal stage for the big day of delivery. With more elasticity built in the groins, giving birth is going to be a cakewalk, yes!

Fires up Metabolism

Metabolism is the chemical process that is always happening inside the body creating energy. It is happening in the process of breaking down the food consumed and the process is largely regulated by the endocrine system, especially thyroid. Yoga has a way of gently exerting pressure and rubbing down the various endocrine glands, thus keep them thoroughly activated. A consistent practice of Malasana for example, with a particular thrust on the glands, can ensure keeping your weight in check and a good energy output.

Along with Malasana, you are also advised to exercise specific breathing techniques with the physical posture. Kapalbhati Pranayama and Ujjayi Pranayama will help warm and energize your body and keep your metabolic rate in perfect order!

Cleans Your System

One of the benefits of malasana that can be less savory to talk about for some is the great poop-tastic effect! It’s a relieving pose that pushes eliminable stuff down. While your system is flushed of indigestible and digestive residuals, calm is restored in the internal organs and puborectalis muscles. This in turn brings in a sense of cleanness in the body and plenty good thoughts and positivity!

Straight and Confident Posture

A poor, hunched down physical demeanor of a person makes bad impression. But one happens to internalize bad posture out of poor body awareness. A practice in Malasana will serve you as a constant reminder to lift higher, keep a straight spine and maintain a neutral spine position as well as ensure that the shoulders are pulled back. In Malasana, you will actually be nothing short of engaging your cores too as you are lifting your ribs way from the hips.

All in all, this asana is a formula for a great posture correction, sure thing!

Increases Range Of Motion in Ankle and Knee

Ankle and knee are two of the key joints that help us in securing stability, improving balance, and successfully perform the advanced postures on the asana chart. One of the health benefits of malasana is bone strengthening in the ankle and knee joints, barring osteoporosis in the advanced age. Also, the range of motion enhances in these joints with continued practice, thus enabling you for advanced asanas too!

Top 5 Health Benefits of Malasana

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