How Yoga Can Be Fit For Fitness-Aware Men Too

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By Rishikul Yogshala

August 9, 2016

Are you shying away from yoga classes to retain your maleness despite considering the various benefits you can reap from this holistic practice of enhancing body-mind-soul wellness? We don’t blame you. Today, yoga studios are mushrooming all over in the West—a less strenuous fitness option in comparison to mainstream gym and more self-sustaining too, as yoga does not make the practitioner dependent upon machines. But apparently, yoga classes are all full of women!

How Yoga Can Be Fit For Fitness-Aware Men Too

This surely can give out a wrong message about this valuable art of meditational and mindful good living, which was never exclusively formulated gender-specifically. It’s time to blow the misconception that yoga can be any less suitable to big, burly and brawny men than to the delicate and sensitive. Here are a few reasons why yoga can be suitable to men too—

Yoga for a Healthier Exercise Routine

Whether you are a man or woman, health should be precious and hardcore exercise routines often pose a threat to health. The body is only but a machine and excessive workout exhausts it with invasive wear and tear. Mainstream gym routines are incorporated with movements which work on the same muscles again and again. As a result, fast wear and tear is inevitable. Rigorous exercise should also to be compensated with rest and replenishment which rigorous exercise regimes surely lack. On the other hand, you can embrace yoga to get ample rest and relaxation along with a power routine of physical activities.

Take your training in yoga-nidra—a sort of power nap which lets your body stay in restfulness while the mind is empowered to think with clarity. This rejuvenation technique is followed after every bout of hectic yogaasana practice.

Movements Maximized without Melting Solidity

Muscular and strong men generally have a thing against the apparent ultra flexibility of yoga ways. For those who prefer an iron toned body to a bendy one, please know that— adapting to yoga will not melt down your firmness.

How Yoga Can Be Fit For Fitness-Aware Men Too

What yoga will most definitely do is, open you up to a whole new range of motions you never imagined your body could go through. While regular gym trainees manage to carve a Greek-god body marked with sharply chiseled cuttings, a group of muscles become rigid with limitation in movement. Especially, the hamstrings, shoulder muscles and the glutes pose problems in agile movement. The more you limit the motional movements of your body, the more you become like a stone statue.

Join yoga to maximize your agility without losing that manly firmness.

Breathing Capacity Increased

Yoga is such an art of holistic physical and mental wellbeing which draws the attention of the practitioner upon the most important standard of physical stamina—your breath. Yoga demands you to focus intensively on your inhalation and exhalation. Disciplined breath regularization is also aimed at bringing mental stability. Synchrony of breath with body movement taught in yogic discipline is by far the most challenging aspect of physical exercise—a challenge fit for men.

How Yoga Can Be Fit For Fitness-Aware Men Too

Besides improving mentally through the meditational quality of the breath-body coordinative movements in yoga, your lung capacity is also likely to increase. Yoga training is highly recommended for men of sports. The slow breathing exercises of yoga are going to prepare you well for long hauls of running or swimming lapses.

Restorative Yoga as a Break

Those who boast of being men of action often refrain from taking up yoga as their one and only physical exercise routine. Yoga somehow holds less attraction for ’action’ lovers, in lack of vigorous movements. But it could very well be a welcome break from typical days of intense activities. Athletes and gym enthusiasts can take a break from exhaustive exercises with restorative yoga routine.

Welcome this idea of getting back your man-strength by signing up for a 7 day yoga retreat, because, real men should not stop at just building muscles. Keep them rejuvenated too!

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