Yoga’s Healing Powers and Anti-Aging Properties

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By Rishikul Yogshala

June 9, 2019

Aging can be quite fun if only instead of fretting over passing years you just take it in your stride, lay back, enjoy the ride, and do yoga! There’s no denying that age in progress have people take certain hits, most notably– reduced elasticity in the muscles, declining strength, stamina, and endurance. While time possibly can’t be turned backward, one can always strengthen up from within with yoga and actually look fuller of vitality and younger than her years! When you have successfully built up a yogic attitude and tapped into the healing powers of yoga, aging is no more lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength.

“The stretch-outs and mindfulness exercise embedded in the asana routine is good for helping the sag”– notes Janiene Luke, associate professor of dermatology at California’s Loma Linda University. “The skin acts as a drape over the musculature and skeletal frame, if enough care is taken over a long period of time to keep the muscles well toned, your skin will be less baggy”–Janiene explains.

Yoga and wellness editor for the Times, Linda McGee looks at the matter differently– “culturing mindfulness as part of the yogic discipline helps individuals stay inwardly calm and poised. One is more naturally able to accept the physiological changes as part of the ageing process and be graceful about it. Anti-ageing doesn’t have to be gravity defying, as long as you are able to feel truly happy from within, you are less likely to feel old and dilapidated”.

Here’s how yoga shall keep you healthy and happy for longer, age no bar–

Prevents Osteoporosis and Arthritis

Decrease in bone density is inevitable with ageing. A medical evaluation termed as the T-score shows reduction or increase in the bone density. Reported between 1.0 – 2.5 T-score indicates low density and subsequent osteoporosis.

People exercising in the yogic way for a long time shows lesser tendency of thinning bone mass on the long run. Weight bearing lunge postures, such as Warrior I and II, and also the Side Angle Pose help in building hip and leg strength. Spinal fragility associated with ageing too is helped in the process. Improvement in joint flexibility and minimization of arthritic joint pain or inflammation is created through practicing yoga over many years.

Yogic Meditation Lets Out Regular Anti-Ageing Hormones in the Brain

Meditation is one of the most important aspects of the yogic routine. Even imbibed in the asana routine, there is deep meditative concentration. A recent research-based opinion released from the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine emphasizes that everyday meditation can dramatically influence the release of three different hormones– cortisol, DHEA, and melatonin, associated with stress and enhanced wellbeing. You can ensure lesser proneness to setting facial lines and that tired outlook of ageing skin with a solid base in yoga.

Reverses Stiffness Due to Collagen Loss

The feeling of stiffness and imbalance in the muscles is not uncommon in old age. The lesser you move or engage your muscles at depth, the stiffer you get. Yoga helps build a discipline of gentle and regular stretches that keep the muscles flexible yet firm.

The myofascial tightening syndrome owing to decreased collagen is the root cause of muscular stiffness in the advanced age. Acquiring a basic-level yogic routine will help retain your natural muscular flexibility all the way through to advanced age.

Decreases Menopausal Hot Flashes in Women

Women experience temperature change and unprecedented hot flashes in the menopausal stage, which may be assisted with other symptoms like urinary issues and hormone related emotional changes.

Disciplining the body and mental faculty under a soothing and restorative yoga routine can help you restore calmness in these difficult times.

Controls Blood Pressure

Research points out that one among three adults in America has high blood pressure conditions. The healing powers of yoga help in establishing a steady heart rate, facilitates fat reduction allowing blood to flow more freely, and thus keep blood pressure under check.

If you already have blood pressure conditions, avoid direct transitions where the head has to drop below your heart.

Ensures Safe Exercise for Asthmatics

Asthma is known to get aggravated with physical workout. Even climbing a flight of stairs can set it off.

The gentle dynamics of yogic exercise is a safer way to stabilize breathing and act as more restorative instead of aggravating. Ageing also brings about decrease in the lung capacity, which can be helped by performing asana and pranayama regularly.

Cultures Calmness Ensuring Sound Sleep

Hormonal, age-related change often leads to sleep depravity. Instead of retiring into a less active routine, one must try to keep up with a slow yoga and stretch-outs. A slowly paced yoga routine before going to bed effectively soothes the heart rates and let you fall asleep more easily. While any type of exercise can tire you out, a yoga asana routine can culture better sleep quality, promoting restful sleep.

Start on your yoga journey today to welcome a future self who ages, but gracefully!

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