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Hatha Yoga Primary Series in Yoga Teacher Training-Rishikul Yogshala

Yoga is not an ancient myth buried in oblivion. It is the most valued inheritance of the present. It is the essential need of today and the culture of tomorrow. “– Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Yoga is the art of healthy living of the present day and the future too. Hatha yoga is a branch of yoga, which is a traditional and most pure form that exists now. Formed with an intention to open certain energy channels and psychic centres in the body, Hatha Yoga works with 84,00,000 asanas or body postures. Evolving human to higher awareness, these 84,00,00 postures depicts the 84,00,000 forms a human being needs to pass through to attain liberation, as mentioned in Hindu Mythology.

This beautiful intent of higher realization achieves materialization in the various forms and series of yoga. Hatha yoga, where Hatha means force in Hindi, is a yogic force responsible for aligning the practitioner physically, emotionally and mentally.


Here is a list of asanas taught in the primary sequence of Hatha yoga:

Surya Namaskars

The art of sun salutation has been handed down by Vedic sages from ages for the enlightenment and betterment of the human race. Activating the sun side or the male side of the body, this part of yoga makes one active, stretches, tones, massages and strengthens the entire body. Added later on the original group of asanas, Sun Salutation is much needed set of postures in modern day. Vitalizing the solar energy in the body, it is a complete practice to kick start the day with zeal and enthusiasm.

Standing Poses

Working on the confidence and endurance levels of the body, standing postures strengthens the back, shoulder, legs muscles, etc. Enhancing the muscle coordination, they improves posture and accentuates the ability to keep the back straighten during meditation and Pranayama. Standing poses also forms bases to many advance poses as they make the body flexible, supple and enables the spine to stay erect.

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Kneeling Poses

Kneeling down poses includes postures that focuses on the Vajra asana or thunderbolt pose postures. These poses are practiced all around the world in different traditions and culture, for it activates the genitor-urinary nadi and controls the sexual energy. These poses strengthen the back& knee, tones things, also improves the functioning of the reproductive system. Improving digestion, bowel movement, toning the sides are few of the other added benefits of Kneeling down poses.

Sitting Poses

An inclusive of forward bending and spine twisting asanas, sitting poses require a great deal of hip opening and hamstring stretch. They also aim at twisting the spine leading to a healthy and robust spine. It is mandatory for every session of yoga to include spine twisting asanas, as it makes the spinal column flexible, stimulates the spinal nerves and creates a string abdomen. On the other hand, Forward bending asanas passively use the gravitational force to stretch the muscles and release tension.

Prone Position Poses

Prone position is conducted by lying on the stomach and majorly constitutes of backward bending asanas. Aimed at creating extroversion of the body, they expand the chest, strengthen the shoulders and allow the practitioner to embrace life to the fullest. Structured to counter gravity, they require higher strength and energy to b performed. Some other advantages are toning the stomach, hips, thighs, strengthen the spine and spinal nerves.

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Supine Position Poses

Lying down with face up constitutes of supine poses. This group of asanas includes abdomen related postures. Supine position works on both front and back. Acting with the gravity, it relaxes the mind and body by providing substantial support. It tones the abdomen, sides, strengthens the thighs and activates all the chakra. It also includes many relaxation poses for post yoga session.

Inverted Poses

Reversing the action of gravity, these set of asanas are considered to the best and must for one and all. Highly beneficial in increasing concentration, mental power, beat stress and release tension, they relax the heart, as the heart is resting against gravity.  Apart from physical revelations, they also act on the emotional aspect of the personality. Throwing light on the older patterns, they refresh and revitalise practitioner’s mood and thinking. They throw the blood to the brain, regulates the stagnant lymph and blood accumulated in the lower abdomen and pelvis region.

Hatha yoga is a boon to mankinf bestowed by gods to live a healthy, herbal and disease free life. Practicing and embracing this art form can open many locked doorways not just physically but emotionally and mentally too.

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