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May 25, 2017
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Starting Each Beautiful Day with Yoga: Indexing 4 Postures

Having difficulty getting over early morning tardiness every day and hot beverages are hardly any help? It is time you seriously yoga to energize. Even if your morning yoga session is as brief as fifteen minutes, the effect of jolting up to a new day with full awareness and the feeling of refreshment will resonate through the day. This lasting energy is more than what a high dose of caffeine can produce. All you have to do is strengthen your will power and come up on the mat right after your morning alarm goes off.

Here is a sequence of yoga recommended for all those struggling with the early morning laze syndrome:

The Glorious Surya Namaskar


Sidle away all the lethargy from your body by assuming a posture of prayer to the power greater than the earthly. The Surya Namaskar asana sequence is a comprehensive morning routine which does not require any equipment but nourishes and empowers from within. Considering the sun to be the source of all life on this planet, this yoga commands one to bow down in reverence and humility.

Starting every day with the Surya Namaskar will help individuals get over the margins of your body and mind, working on the main seven chakras. The natural outcome of this yoga sequence is lightening up of the body with its slow and soothing rhythmic movement.

Relaxing Chair with Utkatasana

This relaxing chair pose is an amazing yogic stance to generate heat and energy in the body when in the slump. It is not more complicated than folding the body, forming it into a chair. Tension is created in the thigh muscles this way, building up strength. This results in activating of the core. The challenge is to keep seated with a little bit of imagination in that chair which is not there. Perfect the curvatures and degree of tension at your waistline. Sit with awareness, lengthening your spine and breathe steady but rhythmically. With a little practice, after mastering the awareness level you can integrate your other morning activities in the routine. Keep the newspaper open before you on a stand or tune in to a radio channel while you do the posture.

Bringing a Twist with the Revolved Chair

Twist with the Revolved Chair

This is another imaginary chair routine to be performed with a sideways twist. Creating pressure at the abdomen and back muscles, this posture will help bowel movements. There are ways to modify the chair posture to open shoulder, chest, and upper back. In addition, as you cross one leg over when twisting, it would result in strengthening of the calf muscles. The only word of caution that goes here is, don’t get into the posture, right after getting up from bed. Without a little warm up, you are likely to flex the wrong way, hurting and spraining you still sleeping muscles.

Get Ready with Warrior-Like Resistance

warrior stance of yoga

When you get up in the morning with that exhausted feeling expect half the day to waste. Immune yourself to negativity and stress with the warrior stance of yoga. Performing the sequence of two postures in the warrior way first thing in the morning will open up your hips and chest, and will also bring a certain stretch in the arms and legs. This will generate the much required fighting spirit to dela with the many hardships to come in the day. Do this every day to develop concentration, balance, and the ease of staying grounded.

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