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September 24, 2018
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October 4, 2018

The Health Benefits of Bhadrasana (Gracious Pose)

Bhadrasana denoting ‘auspiciousness’ is a posture mentioned in the seminal Hatha Yoga text– the Hatha yoga Pradipika as a posture that brings the Mooladhara or Root Chakra to life. This asana is performed in a seated position and can be held for extended periods of time as it is fairly comfortable. The defining characteristic of the pose is a thorough lengthening of the spine and how it allows the shoulders to drop down relaxingly.

In addition to the health benefits of Bhadrasana, there is an inherent quality of this posture of bringing groundedness and calm. The association of Bhadrasana to the Root Chakra suggests a connection with the Earth element. Unleashing the energy of this chakra leads to fortifying one’s sense of security, satisfying basic needs, feeling grounded in familial relationships, and being in tune with one’s own body. On a more anatomical level, Bhadrasana is known to develop flexibility in the legs, build power in the backbone, thighs, hips and buttocks, and has a crucial potential to relieve the condition of varicose veins.

How To Do?

1. Stretch out your legs and sit at the center of the yoga mat. Kneel forward with your lower legs folded and the big toes of both feet crossing each other.  Gently fold your body in a way that the thighs rest over the calves.

2. Place your hands upon your knees and fix your gaze to a point in the front. Maintain your neck and head straight and upright. Inhale and exhale deeply to the full of your capacity as you remain seated in this position.

3. Next, separate the knees far apart without breaking the contact of your toes with the floor. The buttocks and the perineum are rested on the floor between the feet. Bring your hands on the knees and place your alms on the kneecaps. Try gently pushing your legs a bit more apart without greatly straining. The spine should be erect at all times.

4. Hold the toes of your feet with your hands and make the grip grow tight and firm. Now, bring your legs closer to the perineum, touching the floor.

5. Calm your breath down to a slower rhythm. Consciously try to relax your spine, neck, and shoulders, nevertheless, keeping upright. Stay in the act as long as it feels comfortable inwardly drawing meditatively.

You can silently say a prayer or chant a mantra when you perform this meditative pose.

Benefits Of Bhadrasana

Relieving Varicose Veins In The Legs

Varicose veins indicate an irregular blood supply to the heart and long-term health complication to follow. These unsightly spidery veins appear typically in the lower limbs often after prolonged sitting or excessive walking for some time in high heels. Obesity and hormonal fluctuations too have been identified for causing varicose veins. Usually looking like a patchwork of blue swollenness and bruises, these may or may not be painful.

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Since Bhadrasana employs leg elevation, it is generally soothing for varicose veins. The posture helps accumulated lymphatic fluids and blood to drain upwards to the heart, freeing up from getting clotted in the legs.

Enhancing Digestive Fire

The Bhadrasana creates a mild massage and toning for the internal abdominal organs with the elevation of the legs. The folding at the knees and pulling them at distance work for creating pressure in the stomach and intestines that in turn kindles digestive fire. Practicing this position will help in releasing constipation, gastritis, and acidity.

Strength In the Backbone and Relief From Backache

The posture is effective in realigning drooping shoulders and rounded back. When you have had a grueling deskbound day and just want to come home and unknot your stiffened back, moving into this relaxing yet unwinding posture could be fruitful.

A Good Prenatal Posture For Smooth Delivery

Lengthening and strengthening of the pelvic floor are one of the many benefits of gracious pose. The moving apart of the knees in practice expands the pelvic bottom and makes the muscles supple for a smooth childbirth.

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Antidote To Fatigue

We are no stranger to fatigue and feeling faint out of an exacting day to day exhaustion. The solution lies in a thorough breath-based practice to increase blood flow and thus unlocking the reservoir of dormant energy inside of us.

Utilize the meditative moment of performing the Gracious Pose to breathe to your center and kindle untapped energies.

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