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5 Tips to Choose Meditation Program in Nepal


Meditation is the eminent way of conquering yourself; a way of dissolving the invisible walls created by unawareness, and forms a better and stronger connection with self. Meditation quietens the mind, relaxes the body and puts the soul at peace. It is liable for the unification of the body with the universal consciousness. Meditation leads to enlightenment, controls our mind that is a bustling bee-hive of thoughts, and moreover, it relieves anxiety and clears doubts.

Meditation is the art to achieve oneness and to do so one needs to be master of the art. To attain proficiency, traverse to the spectacular land of the Himalayas – Nepal, and enroll for a meditation program amid diverse nature and spectacular surroundings.

Appreciate what you have, find solace and achieve tranquillity with the meditation in Nepal course, and allow your inner voice to be heard. Nepal is indeed the ideal destination, but choosing from an array of options can be a perplexing task.

So here are amazing tips for you to choose the right meditation program in Nepal.

Meditation in Nepal

Nepal is a quintessential place for meditation or spirituality program and retreat. A naturally diverse place makes Nepal an ideal destination for meditation practice, and doing it amidst the snow-covered mountains, beside the mesmeric lakes, surely enhances the overall experience.

Nepal is truly a paradisal land, a heaven on earth, where you can procure inner spirituality crediting to its being the land of Buddha. The facet together makes Nepal one best pilgrimage site and destination for meditation program.

#Tip1: Meditation Center in Nepal

Nepal is highly alluring place amongst the yogic nomads and spirituality seekers. This rise in footfall increases the demand for yoga and meditation centers in the country, and between the arrays of options, choosing the best becomes quite a bewildering task. So, while making a choice consider these facts to select right center for meditation program in Nepal. The school should hold experience, reputation, certification and promise to provide authentic learning of meditation. To have all the quality in one it is recommended to choose meditation specific school.

#Tip2: Assimilate from Meditative Expert

Another essential point to take in for the consideration is the selection of teacher who is liable to shape and build the practice. A teacher plays a vital role when it comes to acquiring knowledge of anything, and for the meditation program always look for the meditative experts. Go through your teachers’ profile and attain knowledge of their qualification, certification, and experience. Nepal is home to a lot of traditional meditation experts across the globe especially from India, and these traditional gurus and practitioners promise to bestow you with all the goodness and learning of meditation.

#Tip3: Meditation Perfect Location

Sitting in a tranquil place engulfed with the gigantic mountains and breathtaking scenic views, wind brushing the face, and echoes of nature relaxing the mind, all this makes the perfect setting for the meditation practice. It is advisable to choose the right location for your meditation program in Nepal- so skip Kathmandu and go for Pokhara, Lumbini, or Nagarkot. These places are perfect to relish the quietness and are known for its diverse terrain. You can also visit temples and monasteries to taste the flavors of spiritual meditation, so visit Boudhanath Temple, Bhaktapur, and beautiful monasteries.

#Tip4: Accommodation, Food, and Excursion

Sitting in the same position for hours takes a lot of mental and physical strength apart from the emotional. So, to build and regain the strength, a restful sleep and proper diet is required. When in Nepal for meditation program or retreat, make sure to enroll in a course that includes food, accommodation, and excursion in the fee structure. Ensure the accommodation provides a comfy, cozy and safe stay where cleanliness and hygiene are taken care of the most. Rooms must be equipped with modern amenities and should be calm for self-practice.

On the other hand, freshly prepared AyurvedicSattvic meal should be served thrice daily with herbal drinks by the Ayurvedic expert chefs. The food at the renowned meditation center should be delectable and loaded with nutrients. Meditation in Nepal course is incomplete without a local visit and excursion.These are essential for experiencing the real world, and makes the program more enticing.

#Tip5: Meditate in Budget in Nepal

Lastly, always be sure about the spending you have to make. So, set the budget and plan the program accordingly. Nepal being an inexpensive country makes you garner the best and affordable program for meditation, and even for yoga. The things you need to be sure about includes – read the testimonials and reviews, make sure about the things provided that have been promised and consider the curriculum.Well, the research of finding the best meditation program concludes here.

Meditation in Nepal assures you the best travel and contemplation that makes you garner the adoring experiences for life. Relish each moment you spend on the land of the Himalayas and have a blissful time.

To know more about Meditation Programs in further details, explore our Yoga Teacher Training In India.

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