5 Most Important Things You will learn during Yoga Teacher Training

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The Spiritual Power Of Chanting Gayatri Mantra (गायत्री मंत्र)

By Rishikul Yogshala

August 17, 2019

Aren’t we all learners and contributors? Isn’t this world a classroom and we will always remain its students? The quest for living a better life will never cease to exist, especially when we have all become aware of the significance of Yoga! To know more, let’s uncover the 5 most important things students learn during every Yoga teacher training course.

Yoga Teacher Training is not just practiced in India rather it is a tool which is circulated all over the world to fix the lives of the people. Now, how could a Yoga Teacher Training maneuver and convert an individual’s lifestyle into a living classical art? First of all, it’s the will power of the aspiring yogi who passionately manifests the positive change in his/her lives, then come the rewards of Yoga to the disciplined and dedicated yogis. What takes you ahead of others and yourself? The enthusiasm, the confidence to conquer your mind, body, and soul. A Yoga Teacher Training teaches you exactly that, to reform a crooked heart into a kind one!

5 Most Important Things You learn during Yoga Teacher Training

  1. Learn how to be Patient and gain Self-control
    During this program, all the yogis derive their suppressed qualities in isolation and by being away from any outer influence. Yoga teacher training course is an intense program whether it’s a 200 hour for beginners, 300 hour for the intermediate-level yogis, or a 500 hour for the advanced professionals. The schedule and curriculum of the training program is a challenging one for those who are not early birds and have a disturbed lifestyle.
    Yoga is a slow process, especially at the beginning of the course when students are impatiently looking for only quick changes. Yoga initiates gradual improvement, and the practice of yoga asanas every day will help you gain patience and self-control.
  2. Know the difference between Reaction and Response
    Many psychiatrists claim that people should be well versed with the meaning of these two words – reaction and response. In YTT, you will learn from your fellow members and teachers a better way to deal with difficult people and absurd situations. Yoga teaches you that a human always has two choices, to either ‘react’ or ‘response’. The big difference is that ‘reaction’ is impulsive, more aggressive, and very spontaneous, without much of a thought while a ‘response’ is calm and well thought of action.
    Yoga gives you that clarity that at times if one is responding to the actions rather than how you want to behave then it is not an ideal way of living because all you are doing is allowing others to control you.
  3. To handle the negative emotions like anger, of others and yourself
    Yoga Teacher training program amalgamates many activities and one of them is the intense Meditation sessions. What Meditation does is that it increases your vibrations and sprouts the inner wisdom which makes you more accepting of the things around you, and less affected by what’s going on outside. The negative emotions like anger, anxiety, and pressure are cut down erasing all these layers when you increase your time while meditating. Feel more grounded, full of gratitude to spread a calm persona by becoming the beam of enlightenment.
  4. Yoga is not just about body flexibility but more so about the elasticity of the mind
    Daily practices of deep-breathing exercises give your mind the clarity, focus, and concentration it needs to refresh the mind. With a variety of Pranayama techniques, students are often able to expand and open up their perspective showing the infinite possibilities of self-improvement and personal growth.
    One of the biggest realizations at the Yoga center is that the Yoga is not so much about the body flexibility but rather the mental elasticity. If you are holding your breath voluntarily to calm your mind, then you are inviting peace and tranquility into your life.
  5. Self-practice is the key!
    Nobody can even attempt to change you if you are not able to change yourself! Yoga delivers no results in a day, all the Hatha and Ashtanga asanas that you are taught need to be revised and mastered to match the level of a renowned yogi, to become a Yoga teacher.  Self-practice is the key of every Yoga teacher training which highly distinguishes between a good student and an average student with the amount of hard work one is putting into the league of accomplished yogis.
    More than the certification of the program, self-practice will benefit you generously.

Other than all of these reasons, respecting your Yoga guru and listening to them is the least you could do to make your life a smooth ride. So, the advantages are many, and the reasons are plenty to join a Yoga Teacher Training today!

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