How To Find The Best Hatha Yoga Teacher Training School In India?

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By Rishikul Yogshala

November 14, 2019

Yoga has many categories and styles. The fact that you clicked on this blog shows that you are either interested in taking the Yoga Teacher Training, or Yoga in general or maybe just in India. Whatever the reason you may have, one thing is for sure that you are a step closer to making your lifestyle and health better? India is a spiritual land and attracts people from all around the world who are the seekers of peace and color.

They say that ‘money spent wisely is money used’. Yoga teacher training is one such activity that is worth the time, effort, and money. So, if you are new to this, you can still begin to explore the yogic world. It may sound very boring to you – Yoga or Meditating up in the hills, but when all the doors get closed for you, only the spiritual world remains open to protect you. The more intelligent you are, the more engrossed you will be in the practices of Yoga.

To start with Hatha Yoga, it is the first and foremost Yoga style that was ever introduced. Hatha Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means ‘Discipline of Force’. The Hatha Yoga traces its origins to Gorakhnath, the 11th-century legendary founder of Kanphata yogis, but the yogi tradition grew by the provision of sage Patanjali who further wrote Yoga Sutras and shared his entire wisdom with the rest of the world.

In simple terms, Hatha yoga is the preparation of the body to reach higher possibilities. Physical postures or asanas are certainly the most important aspect of Hatha yoga which uses body mechanics to drive the energy in certain directions. There are innumerable poses available and when practiced in the right type of environment, they can certainly prepare the body to be at one with the universal self. 

People who are interested in this traditional form of authentic yoga teachings can select their best hatha yoga teacher training school in India based on the following points.

How to find the best hatha yoga teacher training school in India?

  1. Check if the Yoga school is certified by Yoga Alliance International. If not, don’t even bother to waste another minute on it, because why not? If you are putting in your hard work, why not take certification for it? It’s the age of practicality!
  2. In India, you will come across hundreds of Yoga schools, but how to narrow down your search? By choosing your location, the ultimate destination. Of course, you would like to enjoy the surroundings, the excursion activities if you are flying to India from another continent. So, go ahead pick a suitable location for you, although the best Yoga teacher training is given in two states of India- Rishikesh (the Yoga capital), and Kerala (the Ayurveda capital).
  3. Another thing that stands true while choosing a hatha yoga school in India is the importance of finding a perfect ambiance for you. Look into the center, the pictures, the reviews, the surroundings and select your preference. Make sure the area is not very chaotic, just to avoid the peace-driven aim of the Yoga teacher training program.
  4. Stay with the yogic community, people who think alike can do wonders too. It’s not necessary that only a unique mentality can change the world. Why do people come together during the protests? Because of a similar mindset. So, being around the aspiring yogis and enthusiasts will only build your motivation and inspire you to get up early every day so that you can follow your strict training schedule.
  5. The best yoga schools must have even better staff. That is how the reputation works, the quality of the school lies in the hands of their teachers. Therefore, the more you research about the yoga Gurus, the better it is for you to make your decisions. Look at what they specialize in; is it what you are looking for? It is easy to enroll in a yoga school if the resident teachers are learned, highly-experienced, and result-oriented.
  6. Go through the curriculum of the school, like what all subjects are they covering. Are the basics incorporated- the practices of Hatha, breathing techniques, Kundalini awakening, meditation techniques and so on? Not only the curriculum but the daily schedule is another factor you need to pay attention to.

So, these were a few of the pointers we had to notify you about before you choose a Yoga school. Be alert of the scammers because let’s face it, India is a populated country, it will possibly have corrupted people who are trying to make money over a recognized name! Now that we have made you aware of what can you do, we wish you good luck to start your journey as a Yoga teacher by the end of this course.

All the best for this new venture!

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