How to Prepare for Yoga Teacher Training: A Beginner’s Guide

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By Rishikul Yogshala

March 5, 2020

Yoga enthusiasts who are thinking of becoming a yoga teacher look forward to their yoga teacher training from a well-known yoga school. This is not only true because an expert yoga teacher training gives them the expertise, knowledge and skills to teach others in a safe and secure environment. But also because of the fact that the training gives them the much needed exposure to explore the ancient science from different aspects and increase their awareness.

However before you step into this life-evolving journey, a lot of planning and preparations need to be done. And that’s exactly what you are going to learn here. Here you will learn and understand how to prepare for yoga teacher training.

In this blog, you will get the answer to your questions, what to do for yoga teacher training so that you can earn the most out of it without missing sleep over it.

So Let’s Get Started And Make You All Set To Take On A Yoga Teacher Training Course Like A Pro!

Go Deep into the Literature

Many people begin their yoga journey without digging in its root and only thinking that yoga is just about modifications and asanas. However, this is not true. Going deep and understanding the origins of yoga is really important so as to become a knowledgeable yoga teacher that learners can look up to. Hence, search the web or invest in some books about the history of the ancient art of yoga, the philosophy behind it, and how it has emerged over time. If you know the roots, you will surely open new spiritual boundaries, and it will be easy for you to connect deeply with the traditional practice of yoga.

Begin with the Right Expectations

A lot of striving yoga instructors look at yoga practice as the way to a high paying profession. Some also dream of teaching a huge amount of students just after completing their 200-hour yoga training. Beginning your professional course with such mislaid theories can lead to disappointment. Setting up the right expectations before joining yoga training will help you stay centered and focused on your practice in the long run and also help you arise as a yoga expert.

Prepare Mentally and Physically

 Your typical day at a yoga teacher training starts at around 5.30 in the morning and ends by 8 in the evening. During the day, you will go through multiple grueling sessions of yoga that are practiced under the watchful eyes of professional yoga experts. In addition to that, you will also undergo various other activities and theory sessions to strengthen your practice.

So, be ready to be a part of exhilarating yoga days by starting a fitness routine, making a habit of eating healthy, and also by reading the yoga training related blogs to prepare mentally and physically for the adventure. Beginning your adventure without preparation will drive you to missed chances.

Start with the Daily Practice, Now

It really doesn’t matter if you are going to join 200 hours, 300 hours, or 500 hours yoga training course. All of them will test your patience and comfort with the traditional art of yoga. This is the reason why ambitious yoga teachers start their practice before so as to prepare for the yoga teacher training course.

Also by making your yoga sessions more frequent and longer will help you achieve a better understanding of your weaknesses and strengths. This will also help you become aware of the things you need to put more focus in and the questions you need to ask during your training.

Look for Various Yoga Schools

As you must know, there is no shortage of yoga schools out there. There might be a million or two yoga academies and schools across the world but they all are different from one another in style, positive reviews, school’s vision, teacher expertise, teacher training fee, and many more things.

But look for yoga schools where trainers and teachers are highly educated with university degrees. This brings professionalism in the curriculum of yoga training program and promises a surrounding centered on growth. Also, look for schools that are yoga Alliance certified as to get yourself an authentic certification.

Shortlist Your Destination

The yoga teacher training journey will be a lifetime experience, so think carefully before choosing your destination. While there are schools across the globe but some locations are considered purer than others. Such as Rishikesh, a small holy town in India, also the birthplace for yoga, and has been attracting many yoga lovers to its vibrant energy and spirituality.

Since yoga is a spiritual force that unites you with yourself, choosing the best destination is really important where there are ample mountains, greenery, and also peace of mind. So make sure to finalize the destination that gives you positive vibes.

Give a Thought to Various Yoga Styles

Yoga has different styles and forms which suit a person, depending on his expertise, goals, and agility. While Vinyasa yoga is ideal for people who are more into fast transitions, Hatha is the perfect form for newcomers. On the other hand, there is Iyengar Yoga, which only concentrates on body adjustments and is also loved by people who have a history with injuries.

Also, most yoga schools teach a mixture of yoga styles and form to their pupils. This introduces learners to multiple forms and helps them determine which styles perfectly fit them and their personality. Hence, exploring various yoga styles is eventually a good way to prepare yourself for yoga training.

Ready to Face the Unknown

Your yoga teacher training program will be a spiritual roller coaster with tons of new learning’s every single day. While your yoga schedule will be planned in advance, be ready for anything that comes your way. Some days you will feel a little distracted, you will feel that everything is going above your head and some will be more energetic, more peaceful, and knowledgeable. Don’t give up and remember to keep going because the end will be fruitful.

Rethink About your Dietary Habits

Yoga is a spiritual practice of self-awareness. The practice has its roots in the Hindu traditions and Vedas, which are led by the beliefs of uniting with eternal power. Since the flesh and meat doesn’t have a place in the Hindu religion, it is also not served in Indian yoga schools. If you consume meat on a daily basis, then it is time to cut short your diet to vegetarian or plant based food since 99% of yoga ashrams and schools will only serve vegan or vegetarian meals.

While almost every yoga school doesn’t serve meat, there are vegetarian foods and fruits that are highly recommended as they contain keeps you away from dehydration and help you on the yoga mat.


If you go for the 200-hour yoga teacher training course, which is the most popular course among aspiring yogis, it will give you a month of comprehensive yoga activity and learning. But in between your days at the yoga teacher training, you need to give yourself time to practice to get into the details. Almost every school gives time to their students for self-practice as to let them know their mistakes and to come up with more queries to discuss it with the experts. 

Now you are good to go as you have all the tips and techniques before you start your yoga teacher training course. The one thing is to be sure of is that this teacher training program will surely bring you closer to knowing who you are. Your training process will include dealing with various things, meeting new people, building new connections, going through different flows, but it will all eventually lead you to live and teach your yoga.

And the last thing to keep in mind is to never leave your practice once you have begun the journey. Even after the completion of your course, keep your practice on as to enhance your movements and you can also begin with teaching a small group of people.

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